client: le petit gateau

le petit gateau

A lovely french woman, Laetitia Ruetsy, came to me desiring and ready to start an at home French bakery. The bakery is named "Le Petit Gateau", which is "The Little Cake" in English. The bakery is going to offer only french cookies.

Laetitia had a very clear idea of what she wanted for the logo. She wanted the name in script and the tagline under it, which is "Home Baking with a French Touch". She wanted to incorporate a fleur de lys and a baking whisk. She also said she likes embellishments and flourishes. She wanted the overall appearance to look sophisticated and modern and represent French Baking.

To get inspiration for the logo, I looked at several photos of France and French cookies. I also looked at French signs and logos to understand what graphics represent French, such as the fleur de lys.

In my digitals, I experimented with lots of frames because they make the logo look sophisticated and it is common in French design to have decorative frames. I also discovered the idea to make a fleur de lys baking whisk because the client said she wanted a fleur de lys and baking whisk, so I put them together and it communicated French baking in a simplified way.

Digital Roughs:Le Petit Roughs

Color Variations:New Roots Sketches

Final Logo:Final Logo