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sweet encounter

I choose to create a business concept and design the identity. The concept is an upscale dessert lounge that serves desserts and drinks made healthy. Low-fat, low-calorie, nutrient dense delicious desserts and drinks. The target market is active, social females ages 24-60years old with middle to upper level incomes.

I created the whole identity from a blank canvas. This included the business name, logo, to go packaging, menu, and stationary.

The first step after research was to create a name. I did lots of word play exercises and definition and synonym surfing. My top picks out of a long list of name ideas were...
Sinless Sweets
Sweet Swap
Innocent Indulgence
Delicate Decadence
Sweet Encounter
Simply Sweet
Sweet Solace

I decided to go with Sweet Encounter as the name because it communicated the concept the best. Encounter means to come upon, especially unexpectedly. Some people will unexpectedly find desserts can be healthy and delicious. Encounter can also mean to face something difficult. Dessert can be difficult, because their are feelings of guilt after or can be damaging to the body(unhealthy). By combining "Encounter" with "Sweet", it is communicating as a positive/healthy encounter, along with communicating desserts.

After coming up with the name, I went on to create the logo. The idea was to have an appetizing wordmark or monogram that resembled the experience one has when they indulge in a dessert without guilt. It needed to appeal to females express positivity and remain clean and simple to appear high-end. I explored several ways to communicate this in my sketches and digital roughs.

Initial Sketches:Sweet Encounter Sketches

Digital Roughs:Digital Roughs

The most successful solution was the handlettered mark used in the bottom right of the digital roughs. The fully connected letterforms and swirled in terminals in the word "Sweet" represent the smooth taste of desserts and the at ease feeling of eating a healthy dessert. The script and ball terminals give it an upscale feminine appearance. The word "Encounter" provides the perfect contrast in a strong sans serif font with pointed apexes. It is expressive to the meaning of the word and the contrast makes sweet appear more expressive as being smooth. I took this rough and went back to my sketchbook to refine it.

Sketches:More Sketches

Final Logo:Sweet Encounter Logo

I added a pale pink to the color scheme because it's an appetizing color associated with desserts. It's also feminine and the paleness appears more earthy and healthy.

I created a black and white swirl pattern to implement into the identity to further express and communicate a sweet encounter. The swirls represent the swirls of desserts and the experience of encountering a sweet dessert. Black and white is used to give the identity a classy appearance.

Pattern to be used in identity:Pattern

Stationary:Business Cards

Sweet Encounter Stationary


To Go:Menu