client: sandi mele

sandi mele

Sandi Mele is a wardrobe consultant, who does personal shopping and closet cleaning. Her goal is to own and operate her own business, working with woman in the greater Denver metro area. She helps women enjoy fashion and find the style that is most flattering and appropriate for their lifestyle.

Sandi wanted her logo to be vintage modern and feminine. She wanted it to be clean, cute, memorable, and straight forward. She wanted people to look at her logo and get a sense of creativity and fun. She wanted hand lettering and she also kind of liked the idea of a hanger. I was on the edge about the hanger idea because it is used a lot in logos for the same job title. I explored ways to use a hanger differently in my sketches though. I also experimented with many different hand lettering styles and letterforms. I also played with frames and badges in my sketches to add to the vintage feminine style.

Initial Sketches: Sandi sketches

Sandi Sketches

Sandi gave me feedback on the sketches and picked her favorites. She wanted me to experiment with a doily shaped frame. I took her feedback and favorite sketches and created digital logo options.

Rough Logos:Sandi roughs

Sandi loved all the logos, but she was able to narrow it down to one. I took the one she choose and experimented with lots of color combinations. All the color combinations aid in the vintage modern style, which Sandi is trying to achieve.

Color variations: Sandi Colors

Final Logo:Sandi Final

Business Card:Sandi Business Card