client: praise christian church

praise christian church logo

Praise Christian Church is a family-oriented church part of the Foursquare Gospel International Group( There mission is to establish, strengthen and solidify the family structure, through home cell groups, children, youth, and young adults' ministry.

The client wanted a simple, modern logo. The client wanted a tree icon, which I really wanted to pursue because it communicates family, growth, welcoming, and vibrance. The client also wanted a rendition of the Foursquare Church logo that they are a part of or to just use the Foursquare logo colors.

PCC Sketches

I explored a lot of tree options in my sketches and created several of my favorites digitally in black and white and presented them to the client.

Black and White Digital Options: PCC Digital Logos

After seeing the logos, the client wanted to see some more abstract logo options without a cross. I went back to my sketchbook to sketch out some more abstract icon options.

Round 2 Sketches:PCC Sketches

I presented my sketches to the client and they choose a few to see digitally using the colors from the Foursquare Church logo shown below.

Foursquare Church Logo:PCC Digital Logos

Round 2 Logo Options:PCC Digital Logos

The client decided to go with a logo from the first round with the foursquare color scheme. This logo is designed like stain glass and represents structure and coming together. It suits perfectly for Praise Christian Church and there mission.

Final Logo:PCC Final Logo