visionary work


As a fun project, I wanted to redesign a logo of my choice that is in need of a redesign. I choose to redesign a logo for an Indian Restaurant by my house. I really enjoy Indian food, especially this place. I also wanted to challenge myself to creating a design for a different culture. I had to do a lot of research on the culture's symbolism, colors, food, etc. to create a pertinent design.

The restaurant's name is India Express. They are a fine dining restaurant with a rich Indian atmosphere. This name is very unsuitable to their business. I researched a lot to come up with a new more sufficient name, Shanadar. Shanadar is a Hindi word translated in English as Splendid.

Initial Concepts: Shanadar Roughs

Shanadar Roughs

Concept variations:Shanadar Layouts

Rough Final Logo:Shanadar Rough Color

Type Adjustments:Shanadar Rough Color

Final Logo:Shanadar Rough Color

To see the full process, checkout my process book: Shanadar Process Book