client: high point creamery

high point creamery collateral

High Point Creamery is a locally owned ice cream shop selling ultra-premium ice cream in the Hilltop/Crestmoor neighborhood of Denver. The ice cream is manufactured in house using high quality fresh ingredients.

For collateral pieces, High Point Creamery needed a menu board design,ice cream pint labels, ice cream display case labels, t-shirts, stickers, and temporary tattoos. I did not create the logo for High Point Creamery. The two main strengths of High Point Creamery's products are high quality and hand-crafted. I choose to combine design elements such as sketch like imperfect typography, bold script typography, and sketch like embellishments to reflect the hand-crafted and luxurious aspects of High Point Creamery.

As part of the design, I created the tagline, Lavishly Crafting Joy, with the client's help. This tagline communicates the deeper thing High Point Creamery is crafting. The tagline was designed in a way to express it's meaning. This tagline was used throughtout the collateral pieces.

This project was created at Zenman.

For a menuboard, the client wanted to use a chalkboard and handwrite the flavors because her flavors change seasonally.


To make the display case labels cohesive with the menuboard and also easy to change, they also were chalk.

Display Case Labels:
Display case labels

Like the display case labels and menuboard, the pints also had to be interchangable. Colors were implemented on the pints, stickers and the t-shirts by the clients desire, which reflected that High Point Creamery's use of a lot of fresh ingredients and variety of flavors. The colors also evoked a more cheery feeling.

To Go Pints:
Pint finals



I created characters with sayings for the kids t-shirts, and temporary tattoos to promote the fresh ingredients used in High Point Creamery's products, communicate the flavors, and to appeal to kids.

Characters with their Taglines:

Kids T-shirts:
Kids T-shirt