client: first tire and automotive

first tire and automotive

First Tire and Automotive is a full service auto repair shop with three locations in the Sugarland, Texas area. They have been providing service since 1988.

I designed several projects for First Tire and Automotive. I refreshed their logo. I did several print advertisements, social media ads, a car wrap, and much more.

These projects were created at Coobo Media.

First Tire and Automotive wanted to update there logo. They wanted minor changes, so I created variations of minor updates to the logo. As a creative team at Coobo Media, we also wanted to present a retro modern logo design to them as an option for a different direction because we thought it suited there company and would be aesthetically pleasing. I designed multiple retro modern logos in addition to present.

Old Logo:
First Tire Old Logo

Digital Concepts:
First Tire Digital Concepts

Final Logo:
First Tire Logo

I designed monthly ads and social media cover photos for facebook, twitter, and google plus. Here are a few.

December Ad:December First Tire Ad

December Cover Photo:December Facebook

February Ad:
First Tire February Ad

February Cover Photo: February Cover Photo

Auction Ad:
Strake Jesuit Ad

Car Wrap:
First Tire Car wrap