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the seven deadly sins

The seven deadly sins are a list of rebellious tendencies that afflict fallen humanity. I illustrated the sins as monsters to communicate the evil of the sins. The monsters have human qualitites to relate to humans more.


Sketches:Monster Sketches

I started this project with sketches. The sketches needed to have an organic sketch like quality so I didn't tweak them much. The ideas for the monsters attributes flowed easy as I sketched them. I only found myself re-sketching one monster.

I scanned these sketches into illustrator and illustrated them using a calligraphy stroke. I went on to apply color. I had two colorschemes I was torn between and ended up going with this one because of the harmony of the colors and they are playful colors but not to playful, similar to the monsters.



I than hand-lettered the title "The 7 Deadly Sins" in fun letterforms with the same style as the monsters. I also hand-lettered each monsters title with a the same stroke they are outlined in(shown above).

Deadly Sins Lettering