client: galveston bay

galveston bay rebranding

Galveston Bay is a nonprofit that works to protect Galveston Bay by keeping it clean and educating others on how to through a variety of programs and events. I redesigned Galveston Bay's logo and event and program logos. I modernized there brand and brought continuity to it. I used the same line style and weight, font, and developed a color scheme that could work throughout all there event logos. There brand looks more professional and put together now and appeals to kids and adults.

Galveston Bay's Old Logo: Old Galveston Bay Logo

Galveston Bay wanted their new logo to keep the same bird and line style, but to be more refined. They requested to see it with a sun added as well. Below are icon revisions I did with slight variations.

Icon Revisions Options: Galveston Bay Icon Revisions

Galveston Bay decided to go with the icon without the sun with the waves underneath. I added a sans serif typeface to match the style of the icon and add an overall more modern style. I also showed them variations of blue colors for the logo.

Final Logo:Galveston Bay Final Logo

I went on to redesign all Galveston Bay's event logos. There event logos had no consistency in color, font, or line style. They wanted to keep the same elements in the logo. I redesigned them in a consistent way that matched the style of there primary logo that appeals to kids and adults. I used a color palette I created based on colors from there website that suited the elements in there event logos.

Galveston Bay's Old Event Logos:Galveston Bay Old Event Logos

Final Redesigned Event Logos:Galveston Bay Final Event Logos

Color Palette:Galveston Bay Color Palette

Galveston Bay also wanted to use a consistent typeface for there program logos. I choose a typeface was fun and playful to appeal to kids and adults.

Program Logos:Galveston Bay Program Logos

I also was asked to create a brand guidelines book for Galveston Bay to help them use their logos appropriately across there organization.

Pages from the Brand Guidelines:Galveston Bay Brand Guide Galveston Bay Brand Guide

To see the full brand guide, click here: Galveston Bay Brand Guidelines

Galveston Bay also came back to me to design there 30th anniversary logo as well. I explored several options for ways to combine the logo and the 30 years in my sketches. I submitted my sketches to the client and they choose two options to see digitally.I showed them different iterations of the two options and they choose a final out of those.

Some of the 30th Anniversary Logo Sketches:Galveston Bay Anniversary Logo Sketches Galveston Bay Anniversary Logo Sketches

Some of the 30th Anniversary Logo Digital Options:Galveston Bay Anniversary Logo Digitals

Final 30th Anniversary Logo:Galveston Bay Anniversary Logo