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together we are family

I have a big family of 5 older sisters and 1 younger brother. For Christmas, I wanted to do something special for everyone. I thought I could do a print that we could all have on our walls. Something unique and special that could fit all of our tastes. Something that reminded us of our family even though we don't see eachother too often. I decided to hand-letter a poster we could all have on our wall. Hand-lettering has this personal feel because our brain associates it with hand-writing, which is personal and near to us, so it was the perfect route to take for my emotional goals. I came up with the short saying, "Together we are Family". It's short and brings us together even though we are apart. I wanted it to have this inviting, warming, comforting presence to it. I wanted the words to feel like family. I didn't want it to be overstylized so it would fit in all our home's styles. I sketched out many styles and was set on the emotion that was communicated with this one.

Some of the Sketches:
Initial Sketches

Detailed Sketch:
Detailed Sketch

Family Vector

Final Design:
Family Final

I did multiple color options and printed multiples of each and brought all of them to Christmas and everyone got to choose which one they wanted.

Family Color