client: new roots realty

new roots realty

Kelli Billman came to me desiring and ready to start her own real estate agency after being a Realtor for over 10 years. She is an honest, trustworthy, and ethical Realtor, who puts clients before commission.

The first step was helping Kelli create a name. We did lots of research and communicating to create a name. Some of the name ideas were...
Sparrow’s Nest
New Roots
Bright Homes
Roots and Stump
Nest Beyond
Grace Nest
Upright Dwellings
Sheltered Nests

We decided on New Roots because “New”, communicates the nuisance of changing homes. “Roots”, communicates that a home is grounded. It also communicates a home is where one is from and one’s home is meaningful to them. This name is overall compelling.

After coming up with the name, I moved on to create the logo. The client’s desired style for the logo is farmhouse, rustic, and cottagey. I explored several ways to communicate trustworthy, ethical, and honest realty in this style through my sketches and digital roughs.

Initial Sketches:New Roots Sketches

Initial Sketches:New Roots Sketches

Digital Roughs:Digital Roughs

The client was very pleased with the digital roughs and found them all appealing. Despite her positive reaction, she desired to have a custom handlettered logo. This took me back to my sketchbook where I explored ways to communicate her business through hand lettering.

Sketches:More Sketches

Refined sketch:Refined Sketch

Kelly choose her favorite hand lettered sketch out of my hand lettering sketches. I created a refined version of her choosen sketch, scanned it in, and illustrated it.

Final Logo:Kelly Final Logo

I added grunge texture to the logo to better communicate the roots aspect and stylize it more rustically. I also added the swirls to fill the space and communicate roots in an appealing way. I showed the client several different color options that communicate what she does and fit the rustic farmhouse style and she choose this one. The gray communicates the rustic aspect and the yellow gives the logo energy, which her clients need to encourage them to buy and sell their homes.