client: wondering heart

wondering heart logo

Wondering Heart is the mother brand of multiple counseling services and programs. One of these is truthtribe, which I also created the branding for. Truth tribe grew and they realized they needed a brand that encompassed all there services. They provide: training + education, therapy, yoga + health and wellness, and empowerment programs such as truthtribe.

The client wanted the style to be sophisticated and contemporary, geometric, modern and fresh. The client intially wanted to see earthy elements such as mountains, succulents, sunsets, or a desert. They wanted light earthy colors such as blush, light blue, pinks, light greens, mint. I took this direction and went on to get inspiration and sketch.

WH Sketches WH Sketches WH Sketches WH Sketches WH Sketches WH Sketches WH Sketches

Excuse the messiness of my sketches. I wanted to quickly generate ideas and was sketching at different places using different material. I created several of these sketches digitally and other options as I started to explore.

Digital Options: WH Digital Logos

After seeing the first round of logo options, the client changed there direction and decided they wanted a geometric heart logo. I went back and created geometric heart logo options for the client.

Round 2 Heart Icons:WH Digital Logos

I narrowed down the icons and refined them and added type.

Round 2 Logo Options:WH Digital Logos

Final Logo:WH Final Logo