visionary work

castle and burnes

I designed a logo, packaging, an advertisement, and 2 collateral pieces of my choice for an imaginary tea company, Castle and Burnes. Theoretically, Castle and Burnes is two small independent tea companies formed to create a larger organization that will allow them to expand their reach.

The desired look and feel of the brand should evoke old world meets urban hip, sophisticated, and high end, yet affordable.

I did a heavy amount of researh on the tea market and it led me to choose to make Castle and Burnes a bottled tea, as this part of the brief was open. Ready to Drink tea is the fastest growing segment of the market and it fits the American market trend of convenience. Also, 85% of tea drank in the U.S. is bottled.

After researching the tea market, I looked for inspiration. I mainly looked at old world visuals to understand that style better and modernize it.This led me to sketching up a storm of various ideas with multiple concepts.

Initial Sketches:
Castle and Burnes Sketches

Castle and Burnes Sketches

After a lot of sketching, I took a step back and looked at the logo ideas and analyzed what was working and not to see if I wanted to further that direction. I eliminated all the visuals that associated with old world imagery, such as the globes, compasses, because they didn't also associate with tea closely. I choose to go with handlettering because Old World hand-lettering has a sophisticated, organic appeal that communicates tea perfectly. This took me back to my sketchbook.

Lettering Sketches:
Bewidler layouts

After roughly sketching logo lettering ideas, I stepped back and was drawn to number 6. I sketched it better and went digital with that concept.

Refined Sketch:
Refined Sketch

I was so pleased with the way it looked digital and didn't invision the other concepts looking better so I pursued this idea fully and disregrarded the other sketches.

Initial Digital :
First digital

Castle refinements

Final Logo:
Castle Final

After finalizing the logo, I moved onto bottle and label ideas.

Some of the inital label ideas:
Castle label roughs

Bottle Ideas:
Castle bottles

I decided to go with a bottle design similar to the one on the right because it is more distinctive and original which will set the brand apart and give it recognizition. It also communicates the Castle and Burnes brand better by having a natural, authentic appeal.

Final Labels:
Castle Final packaging

Final Package Design:
Castle Final packaging
Castle Final packaging

After the packaging was complete, I moved on to the advertisement. I conceptualized the idea of promoting the tea's simple ingredients by associating it with the simple days using a vintage iced tea stand, which suited Castle and Burnes overall visual identity. The photo was shot by Victoria Loya.

Castle Advertisement

For a collateral piece I created a hand-lettered vintage grocery store poster to be cohesive with the overall identity and concept of the simple days.

Castle tea poster

To see the full process, checkout my process book: Castle and Burnes Process Book