client: bewilder

bewilder logo

Bewilder is a company that hosts upscale events to raise money for different charities. The events give away three money amounts. At the events, charity representitives communicate why their charity should recieve the grand amount. Based on the charities reasoning, Bewilder chooses who retrieves the amounts.

The logo needed to have a classy, gender neutral, and upscale appeal. Something the client really wanted to communicate in the logo was the mystery aspect of the business, that no one knows what charity will win the grand amount. A visual solution to this was to implement a question mark in the logo. I played around with different lettorforms of a "B" and "W" to create a question mark out of.

This project was created at Zenman. You will see some of my digital concepts below:

Some of the digital concepts:
Bewilder Concepts

Chosen concept with layout and color variations:
Bewidler layouts

Chosen layout with color variations:
Bewilder Colors

Chosen color with type variations :
Bewilder Type

Final Logo:
Bewilder Final