personal work


I'm so passionate about design and enjoy it so much that I do it all the time and outside of commission. I also enjoy blessing people I love with designs as gifts. Here is a brief assortment of personal projects I have created.

I adore my mom so much and appreciate all she does for me. She planned in advance to take some days off of work to come visit me in the summer. I conceptualized the idea to take her on a trip those days to San Francisco instead as a Mother's day and Birthday gift. I surprised her by designing and sending her a Save the Date card on Mother's Day and her birthday. Save the Date Save the Date

I was really excited to turn the big 21 so I expressed it through this little illustration. Birthday Illustration

Love Poster

Holy Spirit

As a baby shower gift for my sister, Heather, I illustrated the new baby's name interacting with animals to suit her zoo themed nursery room. Lauren Lauren

My sister liked the design so much that she asked me to design one for her son, Brayden's toy story themed room too. Bray Den

My friend Mike Dunn who is a photographer helped me out with shooting some photos. In return, I designed a logo for him that is trendy, fun, and unique compared to other photographer logos and personal to him.
Mike Photo

Mike Sketch

Mike wordmark

Mike Final

As a trade of service for helping me move, my sister, Katherine, asked me to create a welcome design for her. I went right to conceptualizing a print work. A lot of welcome designs were signs or rugs and I wanted to be innovative, so I created a typography mat. What's more welcoming than the word "Welcome" handlettered in script on dark wood vinyl? I loved the challenge of figuring out the materials to use and the process to make it work.Me cutting

Welcome Mat