client: bewilder

bewilder logo

Bewilder is a company that hosts upscale events to raise money for different charities. The events give away three money prize amounts. At the events, charity representitives communicate why their charity should recieve the grand amount. Based on the charities reasoning, Bewilder chooses who retrieves the amounts.

The logo needed to have a classy, gender neutral, and upscale appeal. Something the client really wanted to communicate in the logo was the mystery aspect of the business, that no one knows what charity will win the grand amount. A visual solution to this was to implement a question mark in the logo. I played around with different lettorforms of a "B" and "W" to create a question mark out of.

This project was created at Zenman. You will see a condensed digital process below:

A few of the initial concepts:
Bewilder Concepts

Chosen concept with different layout and color options:
Bewidler layouts

Final layout with color variations:
Bewilder Colors The circle around the B creates unity in the design by creating a repeating curve in the logo mark and type treatment. Their is a curve in the letter "B" of "Bewilder" and the circle is also a curve, which brings together the design as a whole.

Type variations:
Bewilder Type For a type treatment, a clean sans serif is used to create a modern appeal and accentuate the logomark. The "W" to has pointed apexs to accentuante the vertical "W" and make it more pronounced. Bold typefaces were used to match the lineweight of the logomark. One of the few bold typefaces with "W"'s with pointed apexs that I used was neutraface. I adjusted the crossbars on the original typeface to create more of a contemporary feel. I also took plain typefaces with flat apexs such as Avenir and did interpolations with it.

Final Logo:
Bewilder Final